Our Services

We specialize in IT services with over 15 years of experience.

Our basic rate is $50/hour.

1. Jet REI Website

We offer Jet Websites for real estate professionals. Unlike common REI websites, our Jet REI websites:

  • Load 15 times faster
  • Have a conversion rate 3 times higher
  • Get to the top of search engines more easily.

Live Demonstration. The Jet Websites are unrealistically jet. Please sit down so you don't get dizzy from the loading speed of the Jet Website. Are you ready?

Go to the Live Demo of the Jet Website.

2. Big online projects

We build big online projects with 1+ million unique visitors per day like BiggerPockets.com, Zillow.com, Airbnb.com.

Our tech stack contains more than 100 technologies for developing big online projects.

3. CRM Development

We develop and support custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for companies of all sizes. 

Our CRM portfolio.

Our colleagues have written 8 business books (click on the cover to see the detailed book page):

How to Implement a CRM system in 50 Days Cold Calling Increase Sales Efficiency in 50 Days Comprehensive Business Diagnostics Leader's Diary Mind Map for Business Communication for the Result Texts That Sell

Our CRM services for real estate investors:

  • Plan and map your processes
  • CRM development
  • Staff training.

4. API and ML developing

We develop APIs and machine learning for real estate investors.

See "REI Machine Learning" Round Table.

5. Boston bird dogs

We are looking for Boston investors who will accept our information on finding Boston investment properties.

Find out more in the article "We are Boston bird dogs".

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