"REI Machine Learning" Round Table

Machine Learning

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Our company MaxReform organized a round table on September 26, 2020. If you are curious, open, and maybe a bit of a nerd, this virtual round table is perfect for you! Some knowledge of machine learning or simulation is advantageous, but not a requirement.


1. Severin Sadjina: “ Using AI to Optimize Rental Investing

Severin Sadjina
Severin Sadjina

10 minutes speech, 5 minutes Q&A

The speaker is Severin Sadjina (BiggerPockets’ profile), a long-term rental investor from Norway.

Severin will kick us off by sharing how he leveraged a scientific mindset, machine learning, and computer simulations to optimize several aspects of his REI journey.

He will:

  • Show examples for how he uses machine learning to identify the best buy&hold deals.
  • Reveal which factors give him the best prediction performance for market values and rental income estimates.
  • Discuss which machine learning models have worked best so far.
  • Briefly demonstrate the use of computer simulations to maximize profit and control risks on a portfolio level.

Report video of Severin Sasjina, 18 min.

2. Mark Shaver: “ AI qualifies Craigslist’s sellers ”

Mark Shaver
Mark Shaver

10 minutes speech, 5 minutes Q&A

The speaker is Mark Shaver (BiggerPockets’ profile), CIO of MaxReform, long-distance wholesaler from Russia.

Mark will tell how Artificial Intelligence is looking for offers from motivated sellers:

  1. Grabbing Craigslist ads
  2. AI qualification:
    1. Deletion of repeated ads for one property
    2. Deletion of numerous real estate ads from one vendor
    3. Removal of ads with blacklisted stop-words (“motivated seller”, “new to market”, “our site”,...)
    4. Selection of ads with word-markers from the white list, which indicate investment real estate (“sell fast”, “sold as is”, “needs a little work”...)
  3. Transferring relevant ads to CRM
  4. Checking selected ads by the virtual assistant
  5. Training of artificial intelligence by investor (correction of black and white lists).

Report transcript of Mark Shaver.

3. Discussion “ Machine learning and Real Estate Investing ”

Technological advancements have gained a lot of momentum the last couple of decades. New algorithms, more data, and more power have made it easier than ever before to find the treasures hidden in datasets and to leverage simulation to gain new insights and control.

These technologies are evolving ever faster and have begun to disrupt several industries. In this virtual round table, we will discuss how machine learning and computer simulations can be used to quickly find the best deals, gain interesting and novel insights, and maximize profit potential while controlling risk.

Discussion video, 27 min.

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