Create REI Lead Generation CRM (Podio Based) - Zoom Hackathon

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The goal of the hackathon

During the hackathon, we will create a small REI Lead Generation CRM based on the "Free" tariff plan from Podio. This tariff allows 5 employees and 500 records. This is enough for our CRM to organize seller work for your team.

Hackathon is recommended for RE investors who want:

  • Learn how to work with Podio CRM
  • Jump from Excel or another CRM to Podio
  • Delegate the lead generation to a VA.

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of Real Estate Investment. You don't have to be experienced with Podio CRM.

Functions of our REI CRM

  • Collecting lead information (seller and property data)
  • Call script to evaluate seller reliability and property parameters
  • Automatic preparation of information about real estate (AVR, similar properties, local labor market, neighboring schools...)
  • MAO (Max Allowable Offer) calculator 
  • Email text generation with the offer to the seller.

How Lead Generation CRM works

Our CRM contains cards with information about real estate and sellers. It organizes the work of a virtual assistant:

  • The virtual assistant looks through the cards
  • The virtual assistant contacts the most interesting sellers
  • During the conversation, the virtual assistant fills in the real estate card with additional information about the property and the seller
  • CRM helps the virtual assistant prepare a proposal based on information on the card.

On the hackathon, we do not consider the process of initial card filling. It's assumed that the cards are already added to the CRM in one way:

Technical implementation

Our Lead Generation CRM is a combination of the experience of many real estate investors.

1) "Seller Leads" Podio CRM of Britt van Slyck (December 26, 2020. The link doesn't exist):

Manage seller contact details, property information and stay on top of the property status by using this app. Use automation to send email and texts and receive replies to emails and texts back in Podio, plus much more.

2) "Leads" Podio CRM of Podio App Team:

Organize and keep track of all your leads. Centralize all leads, qualify them and follow up.

3) "Leads" Podio CRM of Suresh Arumugam:

Verify and validate opportunities and get basic Information in a process of proceeding forward. Gain specific insight for successful investment.

4) Call script "No-Fail Script For Talking With Motivated Sellers" of Than Merril:

When a lead comes in from a seller, you’ll need to know the right questions to ask in order to determine how motivated they are to sell. The more motivated the seller is, the better deal you can negotiate. Practice using my script with a friend or colleague to improve your skills.

5) Also our Lead Generation CRM will include the investment experience of hackathon participants.

We have a firm "no aggressive sales pitches" policy, ourselves included!

See you at the hackathon.

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