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Hi, I'm Leah Vogt (aka Лилия Водопьянова) and I'm a full time real estate agent with Century 21 (European branch).

Real estate investment is my passion. I work for MaxReform since 2019. My role includes making cold calls across the US, finding motivated sellers, and negotiating with investor-buyers.

Table of contents

  1. Location
  2. Work experience
  3. Agent's portfolio
  4. Education

1. Location

I live in Kaliningrad State (Europe).

Kaliningrad State

The time zone difference between Kaliningrad and EST is 6 hours.The American workday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) runs on my Kaliningrad time from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

2. Work experience

Previous jobs (the full-job list available upon request):

  • International Group Liaison Officer, Dunham-Bush Holding Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia, 5 years
  • Director, Simply Asia Travel & Tours Sdn.Bhd. Malaysia, 2 years

Current jobs:

  • MaxReform' acquisition manager
  • Century 21' real estate agent (European branch)

3. Agent's portfolio

Past sales (4)

Leah' sales

Photo Past sales
 Gorky Street, 68, Kaliningrad
Summer Street, 70, Kaliningrad
Lithuanian shaft, 48, Kaliningrad
Chernigov Street, 19, Kaliningrad
Reviews (3)

5 stars • 3 Reviews

Photo Reviews
Patricia S.S.

Highly likely to recommend | 5.0 Star

07/06/2021 - Patricia S.S.: "I would like to thank Leah for helping me sell my apartment. It was a pleasure doing business with her. Leah found a real buyer and sold after some symbolic negotiating. I thank her for her hard work and quick sale of the property. The clean office, experienced broker and responsive office manager added peace of mind that we were in the right place. Thanks again!"

Irene Selikhoff

Highly likely to recommend | 5.0 Star

06/24/2021 - Irene Selikhoff: "Everything went great. I recommend Leah Vogt as a real estate agent."

Larissa Carnakoff

Highly likely to recommend | 5.0 Star

05/06/2021 - Larissa Carnakoff: "I want to express my deep appreciation to Leah Vogt. We had been looking for an apartment for several months and contacted many different agents. Leah was the only one who was so sincere and caring and managed to find us a beautiful apartment. smiley

The closing was difficult. Leah was able to solve problems in just one day. She is always in touch and ready to answer any questions. This was very comforting.

We will make our next real estate purchase only with the help of Leah Vogt. She is an expert! I would definitely recommend her."

4. Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in English philology, Kyrgyz State University, Kyrgyzstan, 5 years
  • Certificate, for Advanced training courses in Business English, 1460 hrs
  • Certificate, for Advanced training courses of the French language, 730 hrs
  • "Cold calling with CRM and call script" internal course of MaxReform, 70 hrs
  •  Real estate agent internship of Century 21, 3 month

Now I'm looking for a virtual internship in the US real estate industry. My internship goal is to improve my cold calling and negotiation skills.

See more at "Looking for an RE internship"