We are from Kaliningrad (Europe)


Real estate investment employees of MaxReform live mostly in Kaliningrad. It's an European city of 500,000 people. The time zone difference between Kaliningrad and EST is 6 hours. The American workday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST) runs on Kaliningrad time from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Kaliningrad State

Kaliningrad is a Baltic port city and the capital of the Kaliningrad State. 

Kaliningrad State (or Kaliningrad Region or simply Kaliningrad) is a small state located in the European Union with an area equal to the Connecticut:

Kaliningrad state

The history of Europe is a history of wars. The purpose of war is to annex foreign territory. Since its foundation in 1255, Kaliningrad has changed many jurisdictions:

  • Kaliningrad was a German city Königsberg until 1946
  • From 1946 to 1991, Kaliningrad was part of the Soviet Union
  • After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Kaliningrad Oblast became one of the 85 Russian states
  • Since 2006, Kaliningrad is a special economic zone, which is focused on  interaction into the European Union.

Education in Kaliningrad

The people of Kaliningrad know English well. English is the language of international communication in the European Union.  

There are 95 universities in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad hosts European symposia in English.

People in Kaliningrad love to educate themselves. The typical higher education process in Kaliningrad takes 6 years:

In the USSR, it took 5 years to obtain higher education.

Since 2003, Kaliningrad switched to the European system of higher education, Bachelor (4 years) and Master (2 years). But Kaliningrad labor market refused to work with bachelors, they were considered to be "dropouts". Bachelors of Kaliningrad universities go immediately to study for a master's degree.

Choosing Kaliningrad

We had been choosing a place to base our department for American real estate investors for several years. There were many options, but Kaliningrad turned out to be the best choice:

  • Time Zone Proximity to the U.S.
  • English is widely spoken
  • Focused on international business
  • High level of higher education.