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You may still have questions about jet websites. We will answer some of them.



Q: I've never heard of jet websites

A: Jet websites have been developed since 2015 for big news websites.

New information technology is coming to the real estate industry with a 7-10 year delay. You can take advantage of a jet website for several years before your competitors also know about jet websites.

Q: Who orders jet websites?

A: In the real estate industry investors and real estate agencies are the first clients. The jet website helps them:

  • Convince visitors that the closure will be super fast
  • Increase in times the conversion rate of visitors and their income.
Q: Why should I hire you?

A: A website that loads instantly is rocket science. Out of 100 web studios, only one is qualified to develop a jet website. But:

  • It's likely to be infinitely far from real estate
  • it won't be interested in developing a small REI website.

Our web studio is a rare combination of the sky-high technology stack and a passionate interest in real estate investment. You should hire us to save you the time of searching for a jet website developer.

Q: Is there anything I should know?

Jet websites are more difficult to maintain and develop:

  • Many common embedded web services (analytics, news aggregators,...) slow down the jet website. Some will have to be abandoned, others will have to be replaced by faster analogs
  • You can only publish articles through our webmaster
  • There are very few free design themes for jet websites. In the future, you will most likely need to order a custom design theme for your jet website.
Q: Would it be possible to add a gallery to my listing?

A: Yes, a jet website can contain almost all kinds of media in a listing/page/blog:

  • Photo
  • Gallery
  • Video
  • 3D Tour
  • IDX
  • ...

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