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We Develop Jet REI Websites

Mark Shaver

1. Elevator Pitch

Have you noticed any unusual things? You've reached the jet page. It broke the sound barrier: 


and loaded instantly!

Our company develops the fastest jet websites for real estate professionals:

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Investors
    • Wholesalers
    • Flippers/Rehabbers
    • Syndicators
    • Landlords
    • Property Management Companies
    • ...

2. Why you need jet websites

Jet websites were born among large news websites that monitor their page loading speeds closely:

"At the BBC we’ve noticed that, for every additional second a page takes to load, 10 per cent of users leave."


3. Google's Speed Audit

"What gets measured, gets managed." The sentence is a famous quote by Peter Drucker from his 1954 book titled, “The Practice of Management.”

"PageSpeed Insights" audit of Google analyzes the speed of the web page from different angles. Let's focus on the 2 most important parameters:

  • "Time to interactive" — how long it takes for the page to fully load before you can work with it
  • "Retention" (conversion) — what percentage of visitors have the patience to wait until the end of the page load.

As an example, let's conduct a Google audit of the current jet page:

Google Speed Test

According to Google, this page loads in just 0.8 seconds and retains 100% of visitors.

Let's check 100 "sell my house fast <city>" websites from different cities. A Google speed audit shows that typical REI websites:

  • Load in 8 to 16 seconds (the median is 12 seconds)
  • Retain only 18 to 52% of visitors (the median is 34%).

4. Google' Compare

Let's put the results of the Google speed audit on one graph:

Google Compare

Google believes that MaxReform jet websites:

  • Load 15x faster than typical REI websites (0.8 s vs 12 s)
  • Retain 3x as many visitors as typical REI websites (100% vs 34%).

Now you understand why:

  • Google likes to show jet websites "Powered by MaxReform" in the tops for keywords
  • Visitors are more comfortable exploring jet real estate websites
  • Your hand is already rushing to click on the  "Get An Offer" page.

Are you still here? You're a Die Hard.

Then learn the three-step process for obtaining your jet website. Attention, the page will load instantly: "How It Works".