Cold call to FSBO

For Sale By Owner

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FSBO stands for For Sale By Owner. In a FSBO listing, the owner sells the property without the use of an agent (6% commission) or a real estate investor (15% commission). It will be difficult for an investor to convince an owner to do business with him or her with a phone call. Especially if the owner has already answered dozens of calls from other agents and investors. The technique of drip marketing works well in such cases.

Drip article series

In conversation, the VA should "sell" a property owner a free subscription to a series of 7 articles titled "FSBO - How to Sell Your Home On Your Own and Save on Agent Commissions." The first article in the series is posted on the investor's website. At the bottom of the article is a subscription form related to a marketing automation system or CRM. To receive the remaining 6 articles in the series, the visitor must provide his E-mail.

The marketing automation system:

  • Organizes a double opt-in confirmation
  • Sends subscribers the next articles in the series at intervals of 3-4 days
  • Monitors the activity of subscribers
  • Takes note of the owners, who read each article and click on the links in the article.

After the 2nd and 4th articles, the virtual assistant calls active property owners to find out how self-selling properties are progressing. The VA gives tips on how to get around the difficulties that have come with self-selling.

Switching from self-selling to investor's help

When the active reader reads the last 7 articles, the VA waits 1-2 days and makes the call. By this point, the owner has already experienced the stress of selling the property on his own. He has begun to realize that real estate sales are a profession and difficult to deal with.  He has begun to realize that selling real estate is a profession and difficult to learn on your own in one sale. The owner is disposed to a virtual assistant who genuinely helped with the self-sale. 7 articles + 3 calls = 10 touches on two communication channels contributed to this. In the last call, the virtual assistant offers to help his investor find a buyer for cash.

Each article in the series begins with a short video announcement of the article from the investor (20-30 seconds). By the time the investor's help is offered, the owner has seen and heard the investor 7 times. Many property owners tend to take a warm call from the investor at this stage.

Seller maturation

The owner may still have the energy to continue selling their property on their own. In this case, the virtual assistant asks for permission to call once or twice a month to see how things are going. This time already as a representative of the investor.

Wine maturation

After a few months, the seller finally loses his courage to find a buyer on his own. He either accepts the virtual assistant's offer. Or often the owner even calls the investor himself without waiting for the virtual assistant to call again.