Instructions for VA: What to do if the carrot website has disappeared


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The last 3 days the websites from were unavailable, for 2.5-3 hours each day. If your VA publish an article on your carrot website and suddenly everything disappears, don't panic! VA instructions will help understand the emergency situation.


Did you edit the carrot website and it disappeared? Good news. You didn't crash the Internet. You didn't crash You didn't even crash your website. Everything is OK. It's just that sometimes websites are unavailable for technical reasons.

Step 1. First, you need to find out which side has the problem, yours or's. Try opening other websites, such as If it works, the problem does not seem to be on your side.

Step 2. Next, you need to make sure that the problem is on the side. Go to the status page of carrot websites:

Find the "Uptime" section. There may be periods where the graph drops from 100% to 0% as it did in the last few days:

Carrot Uptime

If so, then everything is fine. The problem is on the side. You don't need to do anything, developers are already working on fixing this problem.

Step 3. But if in the last hours and days the status of carrot websites is ok, then maybe the problem is only with your website. If the problem hasn't gone away within 5-10 minutes, you should report it to the Carrot Help Center:

Carrot Help Center

Click on Start Chat and make a request:

  • Include the address of your website
  • What's not working
  • The time of the problem
  • And your time zone.

Step 4. If you have an RSS reader, sign up for status updates of carrot websites:

Information about carrot crashes will help you not to start large-scale work on the website during a crash - publishing articles, sending Emails to the subscription list, buying PPC ads,...


I am not an official representative or user of the Carrot website. Take "VA Instructions" as it is.


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