Alex Rise's profile

Alex Rise

Hi, I'm Alex Rise. I am:

  • A Senior CRM Consultant
  • The teacher of the course Mini MBA "Project management" at the department of business and commercial activity of the ITMO University (Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)
  • Expert of the magazine "Commercial Director"
  • Creator of educational programs, products, seminars and coaching for business and personal effectiveness issues
  • Author of several dozens of articles and publications in the federal journals “Commercial Director”, “Director”, “Profession Director”, and “Retailer”.

My specializations are:

  • Increasing sales in small and medium businesses
  • Building sales departments
  • Effective human resource management
  • Business process setup
  • Business conversion to “autopilot”. 

I often speak as the speaker at conferences, exhibitions, television on the subjects of sales, marketing and development of business.