Looking for an REI virtual internship

Our Russian employees are looking for an REI virtual internship.

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  1. Offer
  2. Our Expertise
    1. Virtual assistance
    2. Business Analysis and IT Systems Integration
    3. Training Courses
  3. Remote Work Experience
  4. Task Management
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1. Offer

MaxReform company provides IT consulting services for real estate investors. Our Russian employees would like to take paid virtual internships with your REI team.

Payment terms:

  • One time setup fee $50
  • $4 to $10 per hour. You choose the desired value
  • $100 per week minimum
  • 50-100$ as a bonus for a successfully completed transaction, if you have a desire to do so.

Our refund policy is very simple — you can get a complete and unconditional refund. Absolutely no questions asked!

List of Russian Virtual Interns

We use an ILR scale of 5 levels to assess language proficiency of our interns:

ILR — Interagency Language Roundtable scale


IRL — the Interagency Language Roundtable scale is a set of descriptions of abilities to communicate in a language. It is the standard grading scale for language proficiency in the United States's Federal-level service: 

  • ILR Level 0 – No proficiency
  • ILR Level 1 – Elementary proficiency
  • ILR Level 2 – Limited working proficiency
  • ILR Level 3 – Professional working proficiency
  • ILR Level 4 – Full professional proficiency
  • ILR Level 5 – Native or bilingual proficiency

The designation 0+, 1+, 2+, 3+, or 4+ is assigned when proficiency substantially exceeds one skill level but does not fully meet the criteria for the next level.

The English levels of our interns are bold.

Our virtual interns

Feel free to use American nicknames of our virtual interns:

Mark Shaver

Mark Shaver [aka Марк Шейвер]:

  • CIO
  • BA of Math, Master of Computer Science
  • ILR scale: Am. English 2, French 2, German 2, Russian 5
  • Video Profile
Lisa Shelton

Lisa Shelton [aka Лиза Шелтон]:

  • Senior Manager
  • BA of Physics, Master of Quantum Electronics
  • ILR scale: Br. English 3, Russian 5
  • Video Profile
Eric Block

Eric Block [aka Юрий Вальков]:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • BA of Business Administration, International Business (Akron's University, OH)
  • ILR scale: Am. English 4, L.A. Spanish 4, Russian 5
  • Video Profile
Leah Vogt

Leah Vogt [aka Лилия Водопьянова]:

  • Consultant
  • BA of English Philology
  • ILR scale: Br. English 4+, French 1+, Russian 5, Malay 2
  • Video Profile

2. Our Expertise

We are passionate about real estate investments.

2.1. Virtual assistance

We do all the usual work of virtual assistants:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web list scraping
  • Cold calling and mailing
  • Close deal
  • Selling
  • Property management.

2.2. Business Analysis and IT Systems Integration

We analyze from the inside the REI business processes that you delegate to us and optimize them.

We connect the various software so that can work together as a unified system.

2.3. Training Courses

We record the training courses of business process that we have run. These courses are targeted at Filipino virtual assistants, which you will hire upon completion of our internship.

Courses automate the VA learning process and contain:

  • Training articles and screencasts
  • Exercises
  • Tests
  • Exams
  • Monitoring of training process.

3. Remote Work Experience

Since 2002 we have made over 400+ technically complex IT projects (our IT portfolio). A project can last for thousands of hours. Dozens of our employees are working on a project.

Most of our communication with clients is remote. We have no trouble working with REI investors from all states.

Our employees, who are undergoing internships, work remotely in our REI department. We have extensive experience in recruiting, training and controlling virtual employees.

4. Task Management

You will assign us tasks, assign executors, set deadlines... through project management software. It automatically records the time spent to the nearest minute.

You don't have to tie yourself to one intern. Our interns work in a group, each intern has different skills. You can choose the right intern for each task between us. Or you can set a task, and we will choose the right person for you.

For each task, you will receive a detailed report:

  • Total task time
  • Full-time logs:
    • Which interns have performed the task
    • At what time they were working
    • What sub-tasks they were performing.

We use the following project management systems:

  • KanbanFlow
  • Podio

Time log sample that our clients receive.

5. FAQ

Filipino virtual assistants vs Russian virtual interns?

1) Filipino virtual assistants are mostly young, have low qualifications, They're far from real estate investments/

The average age of our Russian virtual interns is 50 years. We are well qualified and know REI business processes.

2) Filipino virtual assistants work for money.

The payment for the internship is secondary to us. In Russia, the hourly rate of our employees is from $25 to $50 per hour. We reduce our hourly rate at the time of the REI virtual internship. If we do not find a paid REI internship, we will look for an unpaid internship.

3) When it's daytime in America, it's evening in Russia, and it's late night in the Philippines.

8 AM - 5 PM Eаstern Time is:

  • 3 PM - 0 AM Russian Time or
  • 9 PM - 6 AM Filipino Time.

When Russian interns call and receive calls during American business hours, the Philippines are asleep.

Why do I have to hire you?

During the internship there is a bilateral exchange of knowledge:

  • You share your real estate investment experience
  • We apply our knowledge of IT to your experience.

Mutual knowledge sharing takes your real estate investment to the next level.

What software do virtual interns know?

We're an IT company:

  • Our tech stack contains over 120 heavy IT technologies
  • We know perfectly well the general desktop software (Word, Excel, photo editor, sound editor, video editor,...).

If we do not know any of the software you need, you don't have to teach us them. REI specific software is amazingly simple. We open them up and start working right away. If there's something we don't understand, we read the user manual. If we didn't find the answer in the documentation, we are looking for a solution in Google.

Can virtual interns close deals?

Yes, our virtual interns can buy real estate. We can also remotely execute almost all REI business processes.

We take internships to remotely perform everything that a real estate investor does — from searching and purchasing the property to rehabbing the property and property management.

6. Call-to-Action

A) Contact

If you would like to discuss the details of hiring our virtual interns, please contact us via the contact form. It would be a good idea if you wrote right away in your message:

  • Your links (BiggerPockets.com profile, your website if there's one)
  • Your questions
  • If you're not satisfied with the hourly rate of our interns, please offer your hourly rate option.

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