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  1. Offer
  2. Our Virtual Interns
  3. Virtual Work Experience
  4. Why Should You Hire Us
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1. Offer

MaxReform company provides software developing for real estate investors. Our European employees (Kaliningrad state) would like to take paid virtual internship with your REI team. A typical virtual internship lasts between one and four months.

Payment terms:

  • $50 one time setup fee
  • $10-15 per hour (the exact value is up to you)
  • $100 per week minimum
  • $50-100 as a bonus for a successfully completed transaction, if you have a desire to do so.

Our refund policy is very simple — you can get a complete and unconditional refund. Absolutely no questions asked! But we will be grateful if you find a way to give us feedback though.

2. Our Virtual Interns

Sometimes our European names cause confusion among English-speaking people. Feel free to use American nicknames of our European virtual interns:

Leah Vogt

Leah Vogt [aka Лилия Водопьянова],
Authorized Century 21 Real Estate Agent (European branch)

Leah's internship goal is to improve her cold calling and negotiation skills.

Leah's Video Profile

Lisa Shelton

Lisa Shelton [aka Лиза Шелтон]
Property Analyst

Lisa's internship goal is to deepen her skills in evaluating and analyzing investment property.

Lisa's Video Profile

3. Virtual Work Experience

Since 2002 we have made over 400+ technically complex IT projects (our IT portfolio). A project can last for thousands of hours. Dozens of our employees are working on a project.

Most of our communication with clients is remote. Our interns are free to work remotely with other investors.

4. Why Should You Hire Us

We are a high-tech IT company. We are convinced:

  • It's enough to make 50-100 cold calls to find one motivated seller
  • It's better to make an offer and negotiate the price right during the cold call.
Effective cold calls (click to unwrap/wrap)

Traditionally, a call manager:

  • Makes thousands of cold calls to find one motivated seller
  • Asks for one day for a property analyst to evaluate the investment potential of a property and prepare an offer.

We believe that cold calls need to be carefully prepared. If you swap the stages, the conversion of cold calls increases tens of times:

1. The property analyst first:

  1. Does an analysis of the properties on the list. He is left on the list only properties that are suitable for investment
  2. Tries to find the owner's phone number for each suitable property
  3. Prepares a draft offer for each property with the owner's phone number (not including the cost of repairs).

2. The call manager then:

  1. Calls through the list looking for a motivated seller
  2. Checks with a motivated seller about the cost of repairs and makes an offer right during a cold call.

If the motivated seller:

  • Agrees, then the acquisition manager works with him next
  • Is not yet ready to sell at this price, the call manager sends the owner's data to the CRM for the following periodic contacts.

Invite our employees for a virtual internship. You'll get a fresh IT perspective on cold calling and real estate investment analysis.

5. Call-to-Action

If you would like to discuss the details of hiring our virtual interns, please write Mark Shaver via: