We are Boston bird dogs

Bird dog

Image via Pixabay.

We are virtual bird-dogs from Kaliningrad State (Europe). We are looking for Boston investors who will accept our information on finding Boston investment properties.

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About Us

Sometimes our names cause confusion among English-speaking people. In this case, feel free to use our American nicknames:

Mark Shaver
Mark Shaver, Profile
[aka Марк Шейвер]

Lisa Shelton
Lisa Shelton, Profile
Property Analyst
[aka Лиза Шелтон]

Leah Vogt
Leah Vogt, Profile
RE agent with Century 21
[aka Лилия Водопьянова]

How It Works

Step 1. We will send you regular information on Boston investment properties:

  • Photos
  • District
  • Reason for selling
  • Analysis (Asking price, Repair costs and details, ARV,...)
  • Mortgage information (if available)

Step 2. If the property is of interest to you, you will get contacts of our motivated seller.

Step 3. After the transaction is closed, you pay our commission. (This is usually 1.5% of the ARV. Feel free to offer other commissions, more or less).


Our differences from Boston Bird Dogs:

  • We are conducting phone conversations with the seller and preparing an offer
  • We only send information on investment properties that meet your requirements.

Our differences from Boston Real Estate Agents:

  • We are looking for off-market properties.
  • We specialize in working exclusively with real estate investors.

Our differences from Boston Wholesaler:

  • Our commission is 10 times less than that of Boston Wholesaler
  • We are preparing better information on the deal.


Left-click to display the answer:

Where are you looking for a property?

We are long-distance virtual bird-dogs. We use exclusively online sources of investment properties:

How motivated are your sellers?

Our sellers are highly motivated.

The process of motivating a seller lasts a month. During this time, he sees us many times virtually and talks on the phone. See the article: "10-touches to growing up hot leads".

It's too good to be true


1. We don't have any deals found yet. We need 3 to 6 months to set up a flow of motivated sellers from Boston.

2. We offer found property to many Boston investors at once. If more than one investor is interested in the property, the deal will go to the most interested investor.

Why do I have to deal with you?

During our collaboration, we apply our IT knowledge to your experience. This makes your real estate investment to the next level.

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